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A belated happy 2018 to everyone! I hope that this year brings plenty of time to art and create! What did you get up to around the holidays?

I'm now looking forward to starting my undergrad in a few weeks, finally I'll get to study biology related subjects, but its been a long road to getting there, and its made me all the more grateful that I can study it now. I grew up in a private religious school which didn't believe in a lot of fundamental science (the obvious ones like evolution and apparently the Earth is only 6,000 yrs old) and they also didn't teach science in general, even the fundamental physics and chemistry aspects that everyone learns in kiddy school. I was always so frustrated as I have always been a science enthusiast, especially for animal science. And yet, I really didn't even get to learn about it properly until I could access the internet in my early teens. So for this reason I can't go to university in the normal way because I never gained typical science requirements. But luckily there is a way (a long and hard route, but definitely a way) for me to get there, and this is via the biggest distance learning university, which does in fact accept students from all backgrounds, so I shall not be discriminated against due to my 'special' schooling. The hard part is that it has very high standards to get good grades, and only very dedicated self-motivated students are successful due to the fact that its distance learning, so you do all your own 'teaching', and only 5% face-to-face contact with tutors, the rest is email. (and anyone whos curious, no, I'm not religious, that education contributed 0% to my success).

So this year I will be making a special effort towards drawing a few special gifts. First will be for people who have made a special impact on me during my time on this site, friend or not, and secondly will be for a few random deviants who watch me, just as a thank you. So as this will only go towards a few people who watch me, please link a character which you would be interested in me drawing in the comments of this journal and in a few months I will randomly select some characters and have them drawn for you this year sometime! It may be a small sketch, a fully painted bust or even a full painting, it all just depends how much time I have!

I will be taking individual trades throughout the year, but probably not full scene ones. I take trades from any level (I mean, as long as you CAN draw XD). So watch out for my next journal (probably next month). And just a note, I won't be taking trades from anyone I've already traded with before, as its not fair on people who have been waiting for me to open them for a while!

My commissions are open! Unfortunately I'm struggling financially at the moment, and I could do with some extra cash to save up for a new laptop as this one showed signs of dying very recently, and I have no other computers to replace this one for when I start my studies :( Here are the prices > Commission List 2018 (Open) by Sezaii


This year I'm hoping to really push my art in a different direction as far as I'd like to focus less on just dragons (I REALLY need to calm my obsession, which is hard seeming as every time I see someone else draw a really cool dragon I just scrap all other projects and draw...a dragon). So expect to see some different animals or themes of creatures this year. I won't obviously stop drawing dragons and I know its my main watch base but feel I just suck so terribly at everything else that something has to be done about it!

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  • Watching: David Attenborough
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  • Drinking: Tea (BRITISH TEA!)

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Don't thank me for llamas please!


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Yourr dragons are amazing btw.
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